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Looking for a Physiotherapy  Health Center at the Costa Blanca? You are in the right place.  We like to welcome you to our location in Altea, Albir or Alfaz del Pí, where you will be assisted in your own language, to stay and to become healthy. We offer a combination of physiotherapy and lifestyle services in one multi-disciplinary practice, in order for everyone to be able to achieve a healthy lifestyle. We offer personal care in professional manner.

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Our practice offer several types of treatments on several locations. We are an expertise center for physiotherapy, that specializes in:

  • Ortho-manual therapy (combination of chiropractic, osteopathy and physiotherapy)
  • Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physiotherapy,
  • Psychosomatic physiotherapy
  • Pelvic Floor physiotherapy
  • Rehabilitation

In addition to therapy, we have a professional training facility available for medical fitness, physiotraining and preventive sports.

All therapist are registred as Health Care profesionalists in the Netherlands along side the spanish offical registration in the Colegio de Fisioterapeutas de Comunidad Valencia and are qualified by the dutch royal qualification registry.

 This means that the therapist are continuously trained to stay up-to-date with new developments and possibilities to provide you with even better care and advice according to Dutch standards.


Health Center


 To fully enjoy life, it is important to find balance in your lifestyle but also to bring your body into balance. We have brought together important aspects of mind and body in our Health Center. Hereby we hope to be able to assist everyone who strives for a healthy lifestyle on all levels.

All collaborating partners are fully certified and working within professional guidelines. These collaborations make it possible for us to offer you a multidisciplinary approach for more complex situations such as burn-out, chronic pain and being overweight, which are often more effective in oppose to an individual treatment.

Our services
Working together for the best treatment

Prior to the treatments, we have a initial assessment with an extended examination, to get to know your personal situation and your medical history. This way we will ensure a correct treatment plan and that the treatment goals are in line with your wishes. We offer a multi-disciplinary approach with a great focus on patient centred teamwork. This makes our practice ideal for not only regular physiotherapy treatments, but also specialized therapy, rehabilitation and second opinion.


The physiotherapist can improve the functioning of the body and reduce pain through physiotherapy.

He can also help you function optimally within the limits of a chronic condition or restore a disturbed balance in which social and psychological aspects are also involved.

As part of the treatment, our training facilities and/or various specialist treatment methods are used, such as dry needling, electrotherapy, manual techniques and kinesio taping.

Orthopedic Manual Therapy (OMT) combines knowledge of chiropractic, osteopathy, physiotherapy and ortho manual medicine and aims to improve the functioning of joints with mobilizations and manipulations.

The manual therapist can also apply Triggerpoint dry Needling to painful points / ‘knots’ in a muscle, which often cause pain in other places in addition to the local pressure pain.

Rehabilitation focuses on improving the quality of life with the aim of being able to pick up daily activities and to be able to enjoy life (again) without hindrance.

A rehabilitation process focuses on, for example, rehabilitation after surgery, after a period of illness such as COVID or long-term hospitalization, after a heart attack, cerebral infarction, in chronic conditions such as COPD, rheumatism and burnout.

Certain complaints and pain can affect your life, for example, causing you to sleep worse, hyperventilate and no longer function properly. The origin of some complaints is difficult to determine. Our psychosomatic physiotherapist can help you find the causes and triggers of your complaints and guide you towards a better understanding and how to deal with, pain, complaints and restrictions.

Do you suffer from Leaking stool or urine without wanting to? Feeling pain in your lower back with no other cause, do you have trouble having sex or is moving painful now that you are pregnant? Whatever complaints you have in and around your pelvis: a pelvic floor physiotherapist can help you. This applies to men, women and children.

If pain becomes a burden and interferes with daily functioning, a physical therapist can provide guidance to manage the pain. Profysio offers a specially tailored program according to the latest insights in the field of pain management.

An operation in the offing? By performing muscle-strengthening exercises in a safe and responsible manner, recovery after, for example, an orthopedic operation is often faster. Your stamina, weight and general fitness can also influence an operation and sometimes even determine when and whether a doctor is willing and able to operate on you. Our therapists help you with medical training and guidance towards surgery.
If you want to be fit and flexible regardless of your age and/or any injuries or physical complaints, it is best to exercise with personal sports advice from a physiotherapist. You can work out in a group or on an individual basis in our medical sports facility via a mapped out program. We offer 10-ride cards and monthly subscriptions, including a free introduction and sports advice.

Our locations

Our practice is located in Calpe, Alfaz del Pí and Altea. We maintain 1 central point of contact, for all appointments and inquiries, for all three locations.

Albir -C. Joaquín Rodrigo 10

Calpe - Carrer Benidorm 3

Altea -Partida Cap Negret 55a

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