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The team van Profysio & Health Center would like to welcome you to our location in Altea, Albir or Alfaz del Pí, where you will be assisted in your own language, to stay and to become healthy. We offer a combination of physiotherapy and lifestyle services in one multi-disciplinary practice, in order for everyone to be able to achieve a healthy lifestyle. We offer personal care in professional manner. 

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Our practice offers an expertise center for physiotherapy and ortho-manual therapy (A combination of chiropracty, osteopathy and physiotherapy). In addition to therapy, we have a professional ttraining facility available for medical fitness, rehabilitation and preventive sports.

Our physiotherapy practice has a Dutch AGB code and the therapist has a Dutch BIG registration, alongside the spanish official registration. This means that the therapist is continuously trained to stay up-to-date with new developments and possibilities to provide you with even better care and advice according to Dutch standards. We use only professional equipment and materials.


Health Center

 To fully enjoy life, it is important to find balance in your lifestyle but also to bring your body into balance. We have brought together four important aspects of mind and body in our Health Center. Hereby we hope to be able to assist everyone who strives for a healthy lifestyle on all levels.

All collaborating partners are fully certified and working within professional guidelines. These collaborations make it possible for us to offer you a multidisciplinary approach for more complex situations such as burn-out, chronic pain and being overweight, which are often more effective in oppose to an individual treatment.

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Our locations

Besides our main location in Altea, we work in Albir and Alfaz del Pí. We maintain 1 central contactpoint for all appointments and inquiries, but offer the possibility to be treated on 3 different locations.

Altea -Partida Cap Negret 55a

Albir -C. Joaquín Rodrigo 10

Alfaz del Pí - Arabi Plaza

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