Physiotherapy Altea

Therapist Rob Krikke provides among others, physiotherapy in Altea and surroundings.

The human body is an amazingly well-organized set of muscles, bones and joints that we must be able to rely on every day. Walking, standing, jumping and bending often seem completely natural movements, but you only realize that moving is not so self-evident when you are experience problems.

A physiotherapist treats people who have difficulty moving, for example due to pain in muscles or joints, incorrect posture or an injury. A physiotherapist can make the body function better and thus reduce pain. He can also help you to function optimally within the boundaries of a chronic condition.

Although many disorders can be treated well within the possibilities of general physiotherapy, sometimes a specialized approach offers more possibilities, such as ortho manual therapy or RSQ1 training.

We work together with general practitioners and other specialists such as orthopedic surgery (after hip or knee surgery, for example), cardiologists and vascular surgeons (in the care network for gait therapy ClaudicatioNet) so that your treatment is always in line with the advice of your treating doctor.

A few of the complaints for which you can go see a physiotherapist:

  • Complaints to the legs (e.g. shop window legs)
  • Shoulder complaints, eg SLAP lesion and frozen shoulder
  • RSI complaints
  • Back pain, eg hernia
  • Complaints of the arm, neck and / or shoulder 
  • Joint pain, eg SI joint pain
  • Edema (fluid retention)
  • Connective tissue complaints
  • Cartilage complaints
There are special exercise programs for specific complaints and conditions, such as:
  • A stroke
  • Muscle diseases
  • COPD Heart conditions,
  • Cancer
  • Arthrosis
  • Diabetes
  • Osteoporosis

Prevention and aftercare

Our goal is to prevent future complaints and injuries. Although we would like to see you again, we hope that the complaints will eventually go away and returning visits won’t be necesary. 

To help you with this, the therapist may give you preventive training advice and / or lifestyle tips to apply at home in addition to his treatment.

Getting healthy and staying healthy is our motto.