Welcome at Profysio, a Physiotherapy Expert Centre

At Profysio, we warmly welcome you to one of our locations on the Costa Blanca, where we provide preventive and curative treatments in your preferred language.

In addition to general physiotherapy, our practice also offers specialized physiotherapy services and full medical gym facilities. This allows us to work in a multidisciplinary manner, offering extensive rehabilitation programs and lifestyle programs.

We accept clients both with and without a doctor’s referral. Our therapists always conduct a thorough screening and an extensive intake and examination to set their own diagnosis. If you have a referral or have previously visited a specialist, please bring the relevant information or results to your first appointment. This will enable us to tailor the treatment plan even more effectively to your personal situation.

If necessary, we can refer you to general practitioners and medical specialists in the region. With your permission, we can also consult with your current physiotherapist, doctor, or specialist to ensure comprehensive care

As expert centre, we offer:

  • Expertise: Our physiotherapists hold Master’s degrees in their respective fields of expertise, ensuring highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals.

  • Multi-disciplinary Approach: We employ a comprehensive approach, integrating multiple disciplines and offering a wide range of high-standard techniques and services, to provide you with effective treatment.

  • Thorough Initial Assessment: Our physiotherapists conduct a detailed intake and examination, followed by a comprehensive diagnosis to provide personalized care.

  • Integrated Collaborative Care and Referral Network: Our extensive partnerships with doctors, specialists, and healthcare practitioners ensure seamless coordination, allowing us to refer clients for additional medical consultations and diagnostic imaging, such as MRI, while ensuring their treatment paths are aligned. 
  • Open to All: We welcome new clients, whether they have a referral from a general practitioner or not, and provide treatment for all conditions related to the musculoskeletal system
General Physiotherapy
Ortho Manual Therapy (OMT)
Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy
Dry needling
Pregnancy Exercises
Sports rehabilitation and training
Burn-out and Stress Programs
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Prior to the treatments, we conduct an initial assessment that includes an extensive examination. This allows us to understand your personal situation, medical history, and accurately diagnose your condition. We prioritize customizing the treatment plan to align with your personal goals, exclusively utilizing evidence-based treatments.

Our practice adopts a multidisciplinary approach, emphasizing patient-centered teamwork. This makes us well-suited for not only regular physiotherapy treatments but also specialized therapy, rehabilitation, and second opinions.

A physiotherapist, can help improve your body’s functioning and reduce pain through tailored physiotherapy treatments.

We are here to assist you in achieving optimal functionality, even while managing chronic conditions or addressing imbalances that encompass social and psychological aspects.

Throughout your treatment, we might utilize our training facilities and employ various specialized techniques such as dry needling, electrotherapy, manual techniques, and kinesio taping.

Orthopedic Manual Therapy (OMT) is a specialized therapeutic approach that integrates knowledge and techniques from various disciplines such as chiropractic, osteopathy, physiotherapy, and orthopedic manual medicine. The goal is to enhance joint functionality through mobilizations and manipulations.

The Ortho Manual Therapist also offers Triggerpoint dry Needling to target painful points or “knots” within muscles. This technique not only alleviates local pressure pain but can also address associated pain in other areas of the body.

OMT will improve your joint function, alleviate pain, and provide you with effective relief

Rehabilitation focuses on improving the quality of life with the aim of being able to pick up daily activities and to be able to enjoy life (again) without hindrance.

A rehabilitation process focuses on, for example, rehabilitation after surgery, after a period of illness such as COVID or long-term hospitalization, after a heart attack, cerebral infarction, in chronic conditions such as COPD, rheumatism and burnout.

We aim to empower you to take control of your life, rebuild your strength, improve your endurance, and adapt to any changes you may be experiencing.  This may involve a combination of physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychological support, and making necessary lifestyle adjustments.

Certain complaints and pain can significantly impact your daily life, leading to issues such as disrupted sleep, hyperventilation, and decreased functionality. Identifying the exact origins of these complaints can be challenging. However, our psychosomatic physiotherapist specializes in helping you uncover the underlying causes and triggers. They will guide you towards a better understanding of your pain, complaints, and limitations, while also providing effective strategies for managing and coping with them.

Do you experience involuntary leaking of stool or urine? Are you feeling lower back pain without any apparent cause? Are you having difficulties with sexual intercourse or experiencing discomfort during movement due to pregnancy? Whatever complaints you may have related to your pelvic region, a pelvic floor physiotherapist can provide assistance. It’s important to note that pelvic floor physiotherapy is suitable for men, women, and children alike.

If pain becomes burdensome and disrupts your daily functioning, a physical therapist can offer guidance to help you manage it. Profysio provides a specially tailored program based on the latest insights in the field of pain management.

Are you scheduled for an upcoming operation? Engaging in safe and responsible muscle-strengthening exercises can often lead to faster recovery following orthopedic procedures, for instance. Additionally, your stamina, weight, and overall fitness level can impact the timing and feasibility of an operation. Our therapists are here to assist you with medical training and provide guidance to optimize your condition prior to surgery.
If your goal is to maintain fitness and flexibility, regardless of your age or any injuries or physical complaints, the optimal approach is to exercise under the personal sports advice of a physiotherapist. At our facility, you have the option to engage in group sessions or receive individualized training through a tailored program. We provide convenient options such as 10-ride cards and monthly subscriptions, which include a free introduction and sports advice to get you started on the right track.

Discovering a healthy lifestyle that truly suits you is key to enjoying life to the fullest while feeling fit and happy. 

To assist you in this journey, we have partnered with personal trainer and life&style coach Tessa, who can provide guidance and support as you work towards achieving a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. Tessa is adept at enhancing your overall well-being, improving your fitness level, providing nutritional advice, and helping you achieve your personal aspirations

For comprehensive lifestyle changes that encompass both medical and physical aspects, our team of physiotherapists specializes in guiding you through more complex transformations. They can provide invaluable support to increase your fitness level, effectively manage medical conditions, offer stress management techniques, promote medication adherence, and deliver ongoing support and education.

Are you currently facing challenges in your relationships, experiencing feelings of depression or anxiety? Perhaps you find yourself in need of guidance while making important decisions or coping with grief and loss. In such situations, seeking support from a coach or psychologist can be immensely beneficial. We offer an objective view and perspective, providing a safe space for you to express yourself and navigate through life’s difficulties

Our locations

Our practice is located in Calpe, Alfaz del Pí and Altea. We maintain 1 central point of contact, for all appointments and inquiries, for all three locations.

Albir -C. Joaquín Rodrigo 10

Calpe - Carrer Benidorm 3

Altea -Partida Cap Negret 55a

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