Dry Needling Physiotherapy in Spain

Dry Needling (Wikipedia), also known as trigger point dry needling, is a technique used by physical therapists. The method originated in Canada and has been incorporated into regular physiotherapy practices worldwide. Profysio in Spain has extensive experience with dry needling techniques and applies them according to the latest methods and recent developments, trained by Canadian therapists.

Dry needling is primarily used to treat myofascial trigger points, but it can also target connective tissue, neural conditions, and muscular ailments. It leads to rapid and long-lasting muscle relaxation.

Trigger points can manifest themselves in;

  • Local pain/stiffness in a muscle and also ‘distant’ pain elsewhere
  • Movement limitations in associated muscles
  • Decreased strength in the involved muscles
  • Pain-avoiding behavior; you will move differently
  • Tingling in the arm/leg, headache, dizziness

These trigger points not only cause localized pain upon pressure but can also lead to pain in adjacent areas. They can be the underlying cause of various complaints. Therefore, in cases of persistent symptoms, the therapist often addresses multiple muscles in the arm, leg, or along the spine. Dry needling treatment is typically combined with other therapeutic methods and is effective for a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, including pain in the arms, legs, shoulders, neck, heels, hips, and back.


Only a certified physiotherapist with additional schooling is authorized and expert to conduct dry needling. Dry needling in the Netherlands is an independent postgraduate training that requires intensive and comprehensive education to equip our physiotherapist with the knowledge and skills to apply the technique effectively and safely across various areas of the body.

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You do not necessarily need a referral for dry needling or physiotherapy, you can simply contact us and make an appointment. In most cases, however, you will have had previous contact with a general practitioner before. An initial appointment will always consist of an extended intake, followed by an examination and treatment.